The use of media as support, complement or work tool is necessary for all areas of study, and at any level of education.

100% Responsive

100% Responsive

In the social sciences, using Media becomes imperative, given the role they play in society and opinion makers and integrators culture.

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Moreover, there is no object of study of Social Sciences who has not ever been exposed to some media, or media that with more or less success.

Media: our information partner


media-logoThe use of media as support, complement or work tool is necessary for all areas of study, and at any level of education.

Seriously or superficially, has not addressed the most important content they have to do with the social sciences.

 Can from what they publish newspapers and magazines                        

  • Whatare people find in a good book until many years? You may find it easily in a newspaper, magazine, news, etc., the day when the events occur. The press and popular science magazines so reviled, sometimes rightly. By scientists, they are the only basis that it has on many occasions to contact a discovery, a culture or an ideology. If we wait for the edition of “good book”, always we arrive late at the knowledge, study, and treatment of topical issues and inventions.
  • Experts, education professionals, who use the Media, are the ones to adjust possible differences between informative news and scientific reality. This means that often, by its rapid dissemination, Media perform the role affected thetextbook or scientific text. That is always important but whose publication is not performed at the same speed.


  • To give some examples linked to the Social Sciences. The union or dismemberment of a country. So prevalent in our times, is published as news years before it reaches the atlas or textbooks. History of everyday life, historical interpretations, which are in the opinion articles from newspapers or magazines disclosure normally take years to reach or textbooks being published by prestigious authors.
  • At the University, the media are needed in all subjects that have to do with society or thought. The authors that mark the current pattern of the sciences of culture and society: sociology, philosophy, anthropology, education, etc.
  • Constantly published in newspapers or magazines, making it possible to follow their discoveries, ideology or thought almost while it develops.  Rarely or with difficulty even see the light of texts.

Analysis of advertising in all media


  • Another instrument, technical and important element that should be studied in depth in the social sciences is advertising and its role. Also its influence, its entry strategies in human behavior. And finally, the possible use of their techniques in the classroom purposes Learning.
  • Advertising occurs in all media without exception and is the economic support of them. At the same time. It is art and ideology, culture and historical moment of a conscious manipulation. Through advertising, you can know and accept or reject the cultures that come from outside. It can be analyzed by the best cinematic technique, or worse, or enter the mechanisms that allow people to behave in one way or another.
  • Advertising allows study and research on current cultural behavior, analyze and expected changes in student behavior knowing the manipulation to which they are exposed.